IT Temporary/Contract Staffing

Who is this for?
IT Temporary/Contract Staffing is for companies and agencies that have short-term staffing needs in information technology. This is for companies that wish to:

  • Meet time-to-market demands by temporarily augmenting existing staff
  • Produce superior results by contracting specific key experts for each phase of a project
  • Keep internal resources focused on their key job responsibilities rather than taking time away for a special project
  • Use contractors for maintenance and testing while internal subject matter expertise focuses on development and new initiatives

The flexible solution to getting all the qualified people you need, when you need them
Meet your business objectives with quality contracted employees perfect for special projects; help on unfamiliar technologies; or to free your staff up to focus on higher priorities using our IT temporary contract staffing services. This flexible solution allows you to adjust quickly to changing workloads and shifting deadlines.

Reduce costs and customize to your exact requirements

  • Decrease your time to market on projects by adding instant, qualified staff ready and willing to take the job immediately
  • Guarantee superior results with the ability to bring in experts for every phase of your project—from analysts in the beginning, to developers and testing professionals in the middle, to implementation specialists at the end
  • Reduce your staffing overhead by avoiding the costs of unemployment and benefits associated with full-time employees
  • Add quality employees the first time with candidates that are fully screened including background checks and drug screens
  • Keep projects on time and on budget with our ability to immediately supply staff
  • Customize your staffing to your exact needs by being able to increase and decrease staffing
  • Keep up with constantly changing technology and acquire strategic technology skills the fast and cost-effective way

Produce better results with our proactive Employee Management Approach
CDT uses a proactive approach to manage our employees and contractors…complete with processes in place for human resource and work effort issues.  We meet with employees regularly, require weekly status reports, and every CDT employee and contractor has 24 hour access to every CDT Manager should a problem arise.  We have found this process produces even better results for our clients while keeping our employees satisfied.

Minimum overhead produces the highest quality candidates
We’re not about fluff and flash.  CDT works hard to maintain minimal overhead and consistently produces gross margins 10% -25% below that of larger conglomerates.  We use this money instead to hire and retain the highest quality consultants available in order to do what’s best for both our clients and consultants. The result is evident in the class of the consultants we are able to hire and retain for your IT staffing needs.

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