Permanent Placement

Who is this for?
Permanent Placement is for companies and agencies that have a permanent open position in information technology. This is for companies that wish to:

  • Avoid loss of productivity due to the open position
  • Keep internal resources focused on their key job responsibilities rather than taking time away to interview candidates
  • Spend money on corporate initiatives rather than on advertisements for open positions, background checks and drug screens for possible candidates
  • Maintain confidentiality throughout the hiring process to avoid employees or outsiders knowledge of employee replacement

Find the perfect match for your job opening without using up all your resources
Hiring for an open position in today’s economic conditions can mean weeding through stacks of resumes.  Add in the costs to do background checks and drug screens alongside the manpower you’ll need to do it and you’re talking about a lot of resources allocated to finding the right candidate. Plus the longer your search the more your productivity goes down due to an open position.

At CDT, our sole focus is on finding, placing and matching the right technology employee with the right employer.  In fact it’s all we do.  Over the last 20 years that has added up to a lot of job placement and through the years we’ve gotten better and better at discovering what makes the best employees. So much so, that we’ve developed CDT Methods™ to ensure we consistently get it right.

Active recruiting that matches your exact requirements
CDT starts with a discovery process to determine what your exact requirements are along with your staff personality. Next we turn to our vast pool of top talent and our nationwide network of recruiters to locate the best matches possible.

Qualifying candidates prior to your meeting them
From our top picks, we conduct interviews with our senior management staff.  Complete background checks include professional, financial and criminal investigations.  Plus every candidate is put through intensive skills assessment tests. Resumes, background checks and test results are all shared with you once a candidate is considered viable for your position.

Making a match that sticks
Once we have candidates we feel match your requirements we give them as much information as possible about the position. This eliminates candidates who might be ruled out due to availability or other circumstances which would cause an unsuccessful match.  That way when we present you with the finalists from our search, candidates are willing and able to start work immediately. 

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