Outplacement Services

Who is this for?
Outplacement Services is for companies and agencies that are facing layoffs or down-sizing. This is for companies that wish to:

  • Reduce bad press
  • Relieve the stress and pressure off of displaced workers
  • Take care of their employees
  • Protect community standing
  • Maintain positive attitude and productivity with remaining employees
  • Cut unemployment costs

Positive IT Outplacement Services promotes goodwill
Our Outplacement Services help companies who want to take care of their employees even during layoffs. By bringing in services right from the beginning, you can diminish employees biggest fear of being let go—which is whether or not they will be able to find a job.   

CDT’s high touch services often disperse fear and anger, making employees less critical and reducing bad press.  Outplacement has been shown to actually promote goodwill among those laid off along with remaining employees and preserves your company’s good standing in the community.

We help your outplacement candidates find work faster by:

  • Setting up a temporary office for easy and convenient access to our job search services
  • Giving career counseling
  • Writing and posting their resumes
  • Providing access to resources separated employees may need such as fax machines and computers
  • Assisting them with the skills they need to market themselves to find another job
  • Improving their interviewing skills
  • Advising them where to post resumes
  • Teaching them how to organize their job search
  • Using our established networks to send them leads
  • Actively searching for jobs for them
  • Making introductions to prospective employers we have contact with

Contact us to find out more about how our outplacement services get employees back to work and off unemployment sooner.

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