Executive Search

Who is this for?
Executive Search is for companies and agencies that have an executive position open in information technology. This is for companies that wish to:

  • Hire top talent known to be the best in their field
  • Avoid weeding through unqualified candidates
  • Let top executives and Human Resources focus on their key responsibilities rather than taking time to interview candidates
  • Spend money on corporate initiatives rather than on advertisements for open positions, background checks and drug screens for possible candidates
  • Maintain confidentiality throughout the hiring process to avoid employees or outsiders knowledge of employee replacement

Our only job is to find and place leading IT professionals in key technology fields
Find top talent and edge out your competition with our executive search services.  We consistently source, recruit and have access to a diverse pool of leading professionals in key technology fields ranging from legacy, network, business, security, the internet and more. Because we specialize in Information Technology, we’re able to focus all of our recruiting efforts on locating the best in the business without having to split our time on other industries.

With experience in a variety of industries such as major communications companies, financial firms and government agencies, CDT intimately understands your need for qualified professionals who can effectively fill a leadership role.

Careful Evaluation
Prior to introduction for permanent placement, every CDT candidate is thoroughly screened with a minimum of two interviews with senior management.  Plus extensive assessments of technical skills are completed along with our careful evaluation to help match the right person with the right qualifications, background and expertise to fit your particular position.

Each carefully selected candidate is given all of the information we have available about your opportunity with every effort made to clearly define terms of employment so candidates are ready to accept the position.

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