Interview Tips

What to wear and other pre-interview tips

  • Wear clothes that are fresh and neatly pressed.
  • Avoid wearing green suits and jackets – just trust us on this one.
  • Make sure your shoes don’t squeak when you walk.
  • No cologne.
  • Do not go into an interview smelling like cigarette smoke… or like you’re trying to mask the smell of cigarettes. 
  • Do not chew gum.

What to do when you arrive

  • Your interview begins when you pull into the parking lot. Assume you’re being watched; assume everyone you meet has the interviewer’s ear; be respectful to all.
  • Be ten minutes early, never more.
  • Turn off your cell phone prior to entering the building.
  • Offer a firm handshake. Don’t be taken aback if it is not reciprocated

During your interview

  • Save Honey, Pal, Dear, Buddy, Sweetie and other terms of endearment for family and friends.
  • “Please”, “thank you”, hold the door open, stand when someone enters the room – yes, manners still count in the workplace.
  • Occasionally, subtly nod your head in agreement as your interviewing is explaining details.
  • No matter how redundant or “beneath you” a request may seem, do as you’re asked within professional boundaries. 3rd party process certifications require that the same process be followed for every candidate coming through their door.  Also, and more importantly, employers do not want to hire someone who argues or chooses not to comply with corporate policy.
  • You may interview with a person less knowledgeable than yourself, resist the urge to let them know it. Ooo and aww as appropriate, ask questions, be respectful.
  • Do not partake in industry gossip or speak negatively of former employers.
  • Do not look at your watch during an interview. Be prepared for the possibility that the interview could go long. If you have another appointment, a child to pickup, or a job to get back to explain this to your interviewer and ask to make a telephone call to set the prior made contingency plan in motion. A lengthy interview is very good – do what you can to avoid disrupting the momentum.

Keep these in your back pocket

  • Lunch interview: Do not add salt or pepper to your food prior to tasting it!!
  • How many quarters would it take to reach the moon? Doesn’t matter. Think out loud, do the math. They want to see your thought process and approach to a problem.
  • If you’re asked, manhole covers are round so that they will not fall into the hole when lifted.

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