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Full service staffing
CDT is a full service Information Technology staffing company. We do anything and everything that has to do with staffing: Temporary and contract staffing; project outsourcing; temp to perm; permanent placement; executive search; and outplacement. Our sole mission is increasing our clients’ profits by providing the right expertise at the right time.

Fully screened, perfectly matched and highly qualified staffing
There are four things that can waste your time and money when staffing: attracting quality employees through recruiting or advertising for open positions, unqualified or under-qualified candidates, failure to match the right person to the right job, and employees that can’t pass drug-screens and background checks.

We eliminate those costs by taking care of each part of the hiring process for you. In fact, we make sure candidates meet your requirements for experience, salary and technical proficiency—plus we check all references—before you ever meet a candidate.

Once you interview the candidate and decide to hire, we do a full criminal, financial, driver’s license and drug screening to give you peace of mind before the final paperwork is filed.

Attracting quality employees
To remain competitive—especially in the constantly changing world of information technology—recruiting top talent can be an enormous expense for employers, both in time and money.

Our recruiters constantly work with our nationwide networks to source, recruit and “bring into the loop” candidates that fit the profiles and skills consistently required in the Information Technology arena. 

Customized to your organization
Once we enter into a relationship with your company, we customize our search specifically to match your profiles. Our project managers do this by meeting with you to understand your current and future projects so we can anticipate your staffing requirements. 

Ensuring qualified employees
 Eliminate the bad apples and the considerable costs of pre-employment screening with our thorough hiring process. Each and every candidate is required to go through a strict process before placement occurs—whether temporary or permanent. 

First each candidate submits a resume, is interviewed a minimum of two times with senior management, and takes extensive technical skills assessment tests.  Next references are checked.

When placement is on the horizon, we do a full background check which includes professional and financial backgrounds and passing a criminal investigation. 

Plus every candidate must comply with our Drug-Free Workplace by passing illegal substance drug screens. When applicable, we also require driving record screenings. 

Relationship-focused assistance for separating employees
Provide career transition assistance with CDT’s outplacement services. One of our passions is helping employees who have been separated from their jobs. Focused on making the transition to new employment as positive and seamless as possible, CDT uses it’s industry connections and resources to get employees into new jobs as quickly as possible. Learn more about outplacement services.

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